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Welcome to our Spanish school in Cuenca, the most charming city in Ecuador!

Simon Bolivar Spanish School is located in the heart of the historic district of Cuenca, only four blocks away from the main square and the Cathedral. A comfortable and cozy house with several individual classrooms. In addition, the building has a patio for students to relax, read, drink a cup of coffee or surf the Web.

The Simon Bolivar language school in Cuenca, is one of the top schools in town. It was highly recognized by Spanish students from all over the world shortly after starting its operations.  All teachers have a large career experience, helping the students to immerse into the Ecuadorian culture with a lot of motivation and energy.

In the afternoons, varied activities are offered, such as salsa, cooking or cocktail lessons as well as lectures about Ecuadorian culture, history, idiomatic expressions, among others. During the weekend, trips are organized to wonderful places around Cuenca, such as Ingapirca ruins or El Cajas National Park.

I found Cuenca to be a beautiful, old city. The views and mountains and rivers are lovely. The people of Cuenca are friendly and open. There was much to see and do and I wish I had more time to spend there. The Simon Bolivar School was excellent (...)

The mission of Simon Bolivar Spanish School is to promote to the international community the outstanding natural and cultural diversity of Ecuador through teaching Spanish.