Simón Bolívar School Teachers in Cuenca

Here is an example of some of our dedicated staff. Most of our teachers have a masters degree in teaching Spanish to foreign students.

Paula Vela

Paula has a wide interest in arts and she loves to travel. In addition to studying Spanish Language and Literature at University of Cuenca, she has experiencie in produccing and directing videos. She has taught Spanish to foreigners for almost six years. She has discovered the richness of learnign a second language in relation to the culture and art.
Belén Guevara

My name is Belén, I was born and raised in Guayaquil. I have been living in Cuenca since 2011 and I love it. I've been a Spanish teacher for almost 10 years and what I love the most about my job is getting to know my students. For me, every class is a trip to another land: new culteres, customs and different ways of looking at the world.
Rosalía Vázquez

Rosalía Vázquez Moreno studied Spanish Language, Literature, and Audiovisual Languages. She's been working as a writer since 2012, and have published in several cultural magazines like L'escalier Mag, Yoko Mag, Entremares, and Arma Blanca. Since 2015 she started her own editorial project: La máquina de escribir, a cultural independent blog. She's interested in Literature, Film, History and photography. In her free time she likes to experiment with analog film.
Monica Astudillo

Licentiate in Sciences of the Education, focus on Language and Spanish Literature.
15 years of experience. She loves the cafeteria and fresh-baked bread offered during the coffee break at school!
Dora Samaniego

24 years of experience as a teacher in various subjects. Works at Simon Bolivar from 2010. She likes very much meeting people from all over the world and showing Ecuador’s culture and history through teaching the language. She likes to read and listen to music.
Rosa Jarama

Eighth level Intensive English at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Education Sciences University of Cuenca.
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