Weekend Trips

Every weekend we offer trips out of Cuenca, either one or two days. We sometimes visit the National Park of El Cajas, where we walk around some of the lakes in the area. We also arrange mountain biking, fishing of trout in Andean lakes, visit local "fiestas", visit the city of Guayaquil or go to the Jungle. Going on our weekend trips is a great way of getting to know other students and also more about our beautiful country! Here are some examples of weekeend trips:

Gualaceo – Chordeleg

In addition to being an important market town, Gualaceo has some importance as a tourist resort and is pretty location by Río Gualaceo. It is 25km due east of Cuenca. The Sunday market and the animal market are the main attractions. The market is not geared towards tourists (there are very few crafts for sale) but is colorful and fun to visit.

Ingapirca Inca Ruins

The Incan ruins of Ingapirca are considered Ecuador’s most important archaeological site. There can still be found many of the massive fortifications and temples of the Incas, which boast some of their finest mortarless stonework. A tour to Ingapirca will make you live a fascinating time that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Cuenca.

Every month we take our students to Ingapirca. The site is located at 5 ½ km east of Cañar, at 3160 meters. The central structure is an "usnu", which is a platform probably used as a solar observatory. Next to it is "Cara del Inca", an immense natural formation in the rock looking over the landscape. On Fridays there is an interesting Indian market at Ingapirca.

El Tambo - Coyoctor

The Inca ruins of El Tambo Coyoctor are located right on the route of the Royal Road of the Incas or Qhapac Ñan, a segment of which is still seen, and along which guests can still stroll and perhaps visualize in their minds the chasquis or runners, carrying messages on knotted strings called quipus, at full speed in relay from one end of the Inca Empire to the other. Tambo Coyoctor is a massive rock outcrop, carved to form baths, showers and water channels believed to have been used in purification rituals before ceremonies of magic-religious significance.

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